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Epileptic fits result from a disruption of the electrical impulses in the brain. Fits can result from numerous disease conditions, for example liver and kidney disease, poisoning, infection, fever but here we are concerned with idiopathic epilepsy (there is no apparent cause). In some breeds, for example the German Shepherd there is a genetic connection but epilepsy can occur in cross-breeds too.

Holistic Medicine views epileptic fits as a process by which excess energy is discharged. Generally, excess energy is discharged by increased mental and physical activity hyperactivity or excessively boisterous behaviour. As with numerous disease conditions dietary intolerance should be considered as a possible cause of epilepsy.

Holistic management of epilepsy is by feeding a diet which is hypo-allergenic, chemical-free, low in protein and fat, and high in complex carbohydrate (brown rice is best for this). It is essential that the quantity of food meets but does not exceed the dog's energy requirement.

The John Burns Pet Health Management Programme meets these needs.


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