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An Introduction to Holistic Pet Health by John Burns

GuinessMuch of modern thought is geared to seeing the individual as a series of separate systems which function independently of each other. We have specialists for skin, kidneys, nervous system, bones, heart and so on.

Food companies produce whole ranges of veterinary-only diets, each food designed to treat or prevent a specific health problem. Diets are developed containing supplements to promote healthy joints or immune systems, clean teeth, prevent hairball and so on.

At any time there are many thousands of biochemical and physiological reactions occurring in the body. These reactions are co-ordinated and controlled in ways which have evolved over millions of years and which we can barely begin to understand. Any effort to influence these reactions is crude and limited compared to the body's own capabilities.

The objective of Holistic Medicine is to follow a lifestyle which provides the conditions for the body to maintain a healthy, stable condition.

By far the most important element and the one over which we have most control is the daily diet............ More



Common pet health problems

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