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Also known as CASTING or SHEDDING

Dogs are supposed to moult. The moult is one of several means by which toxic waste matter is expelled from the body. This should happen once a year, in the spring and should last 1-2 weeks. The warmer weather draws toxins to the surface where they are discharged. This moult cleanses and renews the system for the new year thus helping to maintain health and vitality..

Many domestic pets moult continuously throughout the year. This can be most irritating and is often accepted as an unfortunate fact of life , Central heating is often blamed and even excess light has been blamed. Central heating is not the cause of moulting but may aggravate the condition in two ways. A warm environment (a) draws toxins to the surface of the body and (b) reduces energy needed to maintain body temperature thus altering the balance between intake and expenditure of energy.

It is a simple fact that waste products come from food and its breakdown products. A low quality food which does not suit the system will cause a build-up of toxins and even good quality food fed to excess will generate an excess of waste in the system.

The correct diet will minimise the amount of waste matter which the body produces. Treatment of Moulting is described in the John Burns Pet Health Management Programme .


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